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Sam Zell Discusses the Fundamentals of the REIT Market

07/07/2010 | By

During REITWeek 2010,'s Matt Bechard sat down with Sam Zell, chairman of Equity Group Investments, to reflect on the industry legend's experiences in the world of commercial real estate and REITs. and one of the most respected figures in the REIT world. Zell's take on the most important issue facing the industry was clear.

"The single biggest issue for the industry is supply and demand. As we have seen in previous periods, when there is no supply, real estate performs very well, almost without regard"“within reason"“to the economic conditions. When there is oversupply, it doesn't matter what's going on, real estate is going to suffer," he said.

Zell also offered his outlook on market dynamics for the next 18 months.