Upload Tax Reporting Data (Form 1099-Div)

Please upload your company’s Form 1099-Div tax spreadsheet on this page no later than January 16, 2015. Please note that: 1) your company’s spreadsheet is company-specific; thus, you must upload the spreadsheet that was sent to you or another representative from your company; 2) once you or anyone else at your company uploads the spreadsheet, it will permanently overwrite any data previously uploaded; 3) upon uploading, your spreadsheet will be displayed immediately under the 2014 Tax Year on NAREIT's Tax Reporting page.

In addition, please remember to e-mail a copy of your company’s spreadsheet to the following companies:

1) DTCC (e-mail: tax@broadridge.com; for further information, contact Sean Bollers at (212) 855-4706).
2) Wall Street Concepts   (email: wsc.tax@sungard.com; for further information, contact Justin Feuerstein at (646) 443-8710).

Should you have any problems or require any assistance, call on us as early as possible so that we may quickly help you to complete your reporting forms and meet the deadline. Please contact John Barwick, Director, Industry Information & Statistics (jbarwick@nareit.com) at 202-739-9428, or Dara Bernstein, Senior Tax Counsel (dbernstein@nareit.com), at 202-739-9446. The NAREIT toll-free number of 800-3-NAREIT is also available.

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