Year End Tax Reporting Data Collection – Forms 1099-DIV and 2439

Target Due Date: The mutual fund and brokerage community has requested that this information be submitted no later than Tuesday, January 21, 2020. REITs that require additional time to prepare the data may choose to communicate with the entities that have requested REIT year-end tax reporting information to arrange an alternative due date and to determine whether to send partial information as it becomes available.

Instructions for Submitting Your Company’s Form 1099-DIV Tax Data as an Online Spreadsheet

Example of a Completed Form 1099-DIV Spreadsheet

Blank Form 1099-DIV Spreadsheet

Please use the online spreadsheet available at the “Tax Forms” link after logging in to the website or through the email link sent by to submit your Form 1099-DIV data. Do not email us this completed form. Please refer to the instructions for further details. 

Helpful Tip: Remember to scroll to the top of the form before entering or editing data.

Instructions for Submitting Your Company’s Form 2439 Tax Data

Download the Form 2439 Spreadsheet Here

Example of a Completed Form 2439 Spreadsheet

FAQs and Helpful Information

In addition, Nareit reminds you to complete and file Form 8937, Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities, if appropriate (e.g., for return of capital distributions). The instructions to Form 8937 are here. It is not necessary to submit this form to Nareit, but if your company has filed one or more Forms 8937 for the 2018 tax year, it may be helpful to include a link to the form(s) in the “supplementary information” box of your Form 1099-DIV spreadsheet prior to uploading it to
Should you have any problems or require assistance, contact us as early as possible, so we may quickly help you to complete your reporting forms and meet the deadline. Please contact Dara Bernstein, senior vice president & tax counsel, at or (202)739-9446 or John Barwick, senior director-industry information & statistics, at or (202)739-9428. The Nareit toll-free number – 1-800-3-NAREIT – is also available.
Please note that any revisions submitted by a reporting company will not be posted to the Year-End Summary on the Year-End Tax Reporting Data page until the next calendar day.
Please note that Nareit does not independently verify and will not alter the tax reporting information that your company provides to Nareit through this portal. By submitting your tax reporting information to Nareit, you are assuming the responsibility for the accuracy of your report, granting Nareit permission to publish your report on its website and in related materials and agreeing to Nareit’s Terms of Use.