FTSE Nareit PureProperty® Index

FTSE Nareit PureProperty® Index Series reports daily returns on diversified portfolios of unlevered properties as well as equity holdings in the real estate asset class, providing insights and opportunities for investors.

The FTSE Nareit PureProperty® Index Series provides a daily measure of real estate investment performance (price returns and total returns) of unlevered property investments as well as equity investments in real estate. The values are calculated from daily stock market valuations of, and dividends paid by, stock exchange-listed U.S. equity REITs, using a patented methodology to infer property returns based on detailed information about the holdings and balance sheets of property-owning REITs.  U.S. REITs own and manage high-quality properties in and around major metropolitan areas throughout the country.

The FTSE Nareit PureProperty® indices measure returns of diversified portfolios of unlevered properties in the Apartment, Health Care, Hotel, Industrial, Office and Retail sectors; for the East, Midwest, South and West regions of the United States; and for 11 region/property type combinations.  In addition to the property indices representing the returns to unlevered property investments, the FTSE Nareit PureProperty Index Series also includes equity indices measuring the investment returns to properties through the balance sheets of the REITs holding them.

Benefits of daily measures

While indices of property-level returns based on private real estate holdings are computed monthly or quarterly and are published with four to eight-week delays, the FTSE Nareit PureProperty® indices are published on the same day as the returns they measure. Same-day computation provides multiple benefits for investors.

Completely Investable

Investment products that provide returns replicating the indices, without significant tracking error, can be developed simply by buying positions in the constituents of a given FTSE Nareit PureProperty index in proportion to their index weights.

Unlevered Exposure

Financial instruments can be developed to provide investors with unlevered exposure to one or more segments of the nearly $1.5 trillion of REIT-owned properties by taking positions corresponding to the constituents of a property-level FTSE Nareit PureProperty index, including positions corresponding to fixed-income indices that reflect the cost of debt employed by REITs and that therefore help to correct for the use of leverage by REITs.

Tactical Asset Allocation

The index series supports the creation of investment products that will allow investors to take or adjust positions quickly and efficiently by buying and selling positions corresponding to the constituents and weights of the appropriate FTSE Nareit PureProperty indices, all of which are traded in liquid listed markets.

Hedging and Risk Management

Direct real estate investors will be able to more effectively manage real estate portfolio risks with the immediacy securities investors enjoy. For example, investment products indexed to the FTSE Nareit PureProperty indices will enable investors with large positions in a particular segment of the real estate market to hedge their over-exposure and reduce their real estate portfolio’s concentration risk.

Pulse of the Market

The indices provide valuable insights on a daily basis for developers, brokers, lenders and others who need to monitor the pulse of the real estate market on a timely basis to see how property values have been changing.

Leverage Targeting

Combining holdings corresponding to property-level and equity-level FTSE Nareit PureProperty® indices may enable investors to effectively tailor the amount of leverage in their real estate exposures.

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