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REITWorld 2013


Downloading the REITWorld 2013 Mobile App is easy and can be done through the Apple App Store or by clicking here for smartphones other than the iPhone. You can also use the QR Code below if your mobile device has the appropriate app for reading QR Codes:

REITWorld 2013

Data Updates
The app will automatically check for updates from the show organizers once an hour. This allows the REITWorld Mobile App to keep you updated with the latest show information. To force a data refresh at your convenience, click the refresh button on the upper right corner of the dashboard that has two circular arrows.

This is the main page for the REITWorld Mobile App. It provides the launching point for every item associated with the App including Settings, My Schedule, Event Schedule, Speakers, Sponsors, Maps, Show Documents, and social media links.

The setup for the app is located at the top left corner of the dashboard by tapping the gear symbol. Setup allows you to pre-enter information so that you will not have to repeatedly provide passwords, answer questions, and set communication from the show staff on important messages.

From the Setup, you can also send an email with all the notes you have taken during the conference, all contained in just one email.

Upcoming Schedule on Dashboard
Initially this does not show on the Dashboard until you create your own schedule. Once you have selected an event to add to your custom schedule, the next item on your custom schedule will appear on the main Dashboard and continue to update as the show goes on.

Event Program Tab
Creating your own custom schedule is easy. When you are in an event, tap the plus sign (top right) and follow the prompts to add the session to your custom schedule; or if you are browsing the event program for a given day, click the star to the left of a specific event.

Maps Tab
NAREIT has provided hotel maps for your convenience. Map selection is broken down by halls, levels, and venues. When you go to a map it will render to show the full map. Use the multi touch capability to pinch and zoom in on the map to see the names of rooms. Once the conference event locations are loaded into the app, you can click on a session and it will locate it on the map for you.

Sponsor Tab
The initial view is alphabetical. You can also search by pulling down the top with your finger which will reveal a search bar. Searches may appear to "hang" for a second but they are dynamically producing your list from the search criteria. Remember: they will bring up everything to do with the search string you put in.

Sponsor Detail Screen
Shows basic sponsor information listed alphabetically.

Sponsors can be flagged as favorites by taping the star button next to their name or on their profile page. This will add them to the favorites list and highlight them for you. When you are at the main sponsor page, you can see your list of favorites by clicking the star on the top right of the page. If you plan to meet with a sponsor, you can add them to your calendar by clicking on their listing and then clicking on the "+schedule" tab and scheduling a date a time to meet with them.

Handouts are located at the bottom of the session or sponsor detail screen. If you do not see any handouts, they are not offered electronically through the App.

Event Programs
Programs are listed by day and time. To scroll to the next day use the left/right arrow keys next to the date at the top of the screen.

Rate the Session
Please provide feedback while it is fresh in your mind. Session Ratings are located toward the bottom on the event information page.

You can view and post to the feed. Posting requires setup at the dashboard setup screen. See Tip Setup.

Technical Support
For technical support, please email