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CoreCivic, Inc . (NYSE: CXW) has released its first-ever environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report. The report highlights the REIT’s progress toward commitments announced five years ago to improve inmate reentry programming and spotlight the need for a comprehensive national effort to combat recidivism.

The document, which CoreCivic says is the first of its kind for the corrections industry, reviews the impact of its operations on society and the environment, highlights its goals, and explains how the company uses commonly accepted ESG reporting standards to govern itself.

“This is another step in our company’s years-long effort to help make sure that once people leave prison, they never come back,” said Damon Hininger, CoreCivic president and CEO.

The 2018 ESG report also highlights CoreCivic’s work to set environmental goals across its system by utilizing a strategic energy management program now in progress that will help the company specify target goals in future years’ ESG reports.

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