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European Investors Remain Hesitant

Corio's Gerard Groener said less product, tougher financing conditions are a concern.

REITs Drop in Third Quarter

NAREIT's Brad Case on REITs' performance.

New EPRA Chair Focuses on Outreach

EPRA's David Atkins wants to create one voice in real estate.

Oversupply in Belgian Office Market Coming to an End

Confinimmo CFO Jean-Edouard Carbonnelle looks at the state of Belgian real estate market.

Morningstar: REITs Deliver Return Premium Over Private Equity Real Estate Funds

NAREIT's Mike Grupe discusses a new Morningstar study showing the premium offered by listed REITs.

Global Reporting Convergence Will Help Real Estate Investors

Land Securities CFO Martin Greenslade says compromises must be made.

Peripheral European Real Estate Markets at Crossroads

RREEF's John Hammond says Europe reaching point of no return on debt crisis.

REIT Magazine Profiles 10 Years in the Mainstream

REIT magazine looks at impact inclusion in S&P indexes has had on REIT industry.

Impact of Inflation on European Listed Real Estate Securities

Morgan Stanley's Bart Gysens says investors up real estate allocations amidst inflation fears.

REITs Long-Term Positive for European Real Estate

Duff & Phelps' Frank Haggerty says U.S. REITs in middle of up-cycle.

Consolidation Likely in French REIT Market

Robert Waterland says French listed market arguably most successful in Europe.

Oh, Canada: Dundee REIT Continues Rapid Growth

CEO Michael Cooper says company has ample built-in growth potential.

London Office Market Faces Possible Oversupply

Macquarie Securities' Alex Moss says U.K. retailers also face market pressure.

2012 Olympics to Boost London Property Market

Liz Peace of the British Property Federation says event will revitalize Lee Valley.

Flight to Quality in London Office and Retail Markets

British Land's Chris Grigg says company's portfolio well positioned in desirable market segments.

Capital Key Strength for Global Listed Real Estate Market

Fidelity's Steve Buller shares his tepid outlook for European CRE.

Good Time for Investors to Enter U.S. REIT Market, Heitman's Pire Says

Heitman's Time Pire says REIT shares now at a discount to NAVs.

REIT Brand Pays Dividends for alstria office

Olivier Elamine of alstria office REIT says Germany's listed market needs critical mass.

Prime Retail Real Estate Assets in Europe Will Thrive

CEO David Atkins says divide between prime and secondary assets growing.

Global Portfolios Should Contain Public and Private Real Estate

CBRE's Andrew Baum shares his insights on global real estate market opportunities.