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Committees and Subcommittees

Accounting Committee: This Committee examines all standards and rules proposed by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, International Accounting Standards Board, Public Company Accounting Oversight Board and Securities and Exchange Commission that may affect the accounting and financial reporting of real estate companies. Committee members receive regular updates of financial standards developments through publications issued by NAREIT staff. Members are urged to participate on Committee task forces that are regularly formed to address specific standards proposals. These task forces participate in the development of NAREIT comment letters submitted to standards setters and other policy makers. Recent submissions have focused on joint FASB/IASB proposed changes to accounting for leases, revenue recognition, financial instruments and discontinued operations. The committee meets at REITWise; NAREIT’s law, accounting and finance conference.

NAREIT Staff Contact: George Yungmann (

Government Relations Committee: This Committee evaluates legislative and regulatory issues affecting REITs and commercial real estate, with a focus on federal income tax and securities laws issues. Members may participate on task forces formed to address specific issues that often result in formal submissions to policymakers, e.g., reforms to Subchapter M of the Internal Revenue Code, tax reform proposals, implementation of Dodd-Frank provisions such as derivatives, GSE reform, preferential dividends, cancellation of debt issues and money market funds as qualifying REIT assets. Members meet at REITWise: NAREIT’s Law, Accounting & Finance Conference and receive FirstBriefs describing legislative and regulatory developments.

NAREIT Staff Contact: Tony Edwards (

State and Local Tax Subcommittee of Government Relations Committee: This Subcommittee evaluates developments affecting REITs in the state and local arena. Members doing business in a state that proposes a law change may collectively join a NAREIT Coalition to oppose such legislation, e.g. in California, Texas, Montana, Tennessee. Members receive State and Local Tax Policy Bulletins. Members meet at REITWise: NAREIT’s Law, Accounting & Finance Conference.

NAREIT Staff Contact: Dara Bernstein (

Insurance Committee: This Committee examines market developments impacting insurance issues. In addition, the Committee provides guidance on NAREIT group insurance programs that are available to Corporate Members. Members meet at REITWise: NAREIT’s Law, Accounting & Finance Conference.

NAREIT Staff Contact: Sheldon Groner (

Regulatory Law Subcommittee: This Subcommittee of the Government Relations Committee examines all relevant legislation, regulation, rules and guidance proposed by the Congress, the Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and relevant foreign regulatory authorities such as the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) that affect the regulation of equity, debit and other capital market products issued or utilized by NAREIT members, the associated corporate governance standards applicable to REIT issuers, and the regulation and structure of the markets and exchanges upon which REIT capital products trade. NAREIT staff updates Subcommittee members through publications issued by NAREIT and are invited to participate in issue-specific task forces formed to develop NAREIT positions on various issues. When appropriate, the Subcommittee drafts written submissions to regulatory authorities, often in response to formal regulatory rulemakings. In recent years the Regulatory Law Subcommittee has focused on several regulations issued under the authority of the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act and on regulations issued pursuant to parallel European efforts, such as the EU Alternative Investment Managers Directive (AIFMD).

NAREIT Staff Contact: Victoria Rostow (

Sustainability Committee: This Committee, which was formed in March, 2012 in conjunction with NAREIT's second annual Leader in the Light Working Forum, is limited to NAREIT Corporate Members. Initially, the Committee's primary focus was tied to issues related to the migration of NAREIT's Leader in the Light award program - which recognizes NAREIT Corporate Members that have demonstrated superior and sustained energy use practices and sustainability initiatives - to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) platform. The Committee has also served as an important forum for NAREIT Corporate Members who are involved, directly or indirectly, in a corporate sustainability function, to provide ongoing guidance and commentary to NAREIT staff, and to each other, on important issues and developments in the sustainability arena. Currently, the Committee gathers each year at NAREIT's annual Leader in the Light Working Forum, an important hands-on educational/networking event.

NAREIT Staff Contact: Sheldon Groner (

Mortgage REIT Council: NAREIT created  the Mortgage REIT Council in 2009 to serve as an advisory body to NAREIT’s Executive Board and senior staff on membership, policy and investment-related issues.  Members of the Council are CEOs and other senior executives from each of NAREIT’s Corporate Members that operate as mortgage REITs.  Wellington Denanhan, chairman & CEO of Annaly Capital Management, currently serves as Chair of the Council.  
The Council often operates through its two Working Groups; one focused on residential issues and the other on commercial real estate finance matters.  Gary Kain, president & CIO of American Capital Agency Corporation and American Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation, serves as Chair of the Residential Working Group and Richard Saltzman, president & CEO of Colony Financial, serves as Chair of the Commercial Working Group.  

NAREIT Staff Contact: Bonnie Gottlieb (

Public Non-Listed REIT Council: NAREIT created the Public Non-Listed REIT (PNLR) Council in 2011 to serve as an advisory body to NAREIT’s Executive Board and senior staff on issues related to NAREIT’s agenda with respect to policy, research, investor outreach and NAREIT meetings.  Members of the PNLR Council are CEOs and other senior executive from each of NAREIT’s Corporate Members that operate as public non-listed REITs.  Daniel Goodwin, CEO of Inland Real Estate Group, Inc., currently serves as Chair of the PNLR Council.

The PNLR Council often operates through its Executive Committee.  Current members of this Committee are Daniel Goodwin; Nicholas Schorsch, Executive Chairman & Partner of AR Capital, LLC;  Robert Aisner, President & CEO of Behringer; Thomas Sittema, CEO of CNL Financial Group; Sherri Schugart, Senior Managing Director/CEO of Hinges Interests Limited Partnership;  Charles Schreiber, CEO of KBS Realty Advisors;  and Kevin Shields, CEO of Griffin Capital Corporation.  

NAREIT Staff Contact: Bonnie Gottlieb (

Unless otherwise noted, any employee of a NAREIT Corporate Member any or Individual Member can join one or more Committees, Subcommittees, or task forces by contacting NAREIT Member Services at