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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Dan Neidich on The Real Estate Roundtable's Policy Initiatives

Chairman Dan Neidich discusses the Real Estate Roundtable's policy initiatives.

Jerry Sweeney on Brandywine's Deleveraging Efforts

Jerry Sweeney of Brandywine Realty Trust discusses the company's deleveraging efforts and its plans for 2010.

Chaim Katzman on Global Acquisition Opportunities

Chaim Katzman of Gazit-Globe looks at the development and acquisition opportunities for his global holdings and when they will improve.

Sturzenegger: IPOs Will Be Dominant REIT Trend in 2010

Ron Sturzenegger of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch says IPOs will be the prevalent trend in the REIT industry in 2010.

Don Suter on Blind-Pool REITs

Don Suter of M3 Capital Partners discusses blind-pool REITs and the market for acquisitions in 2010.

Chaim Katzman on Adapting to a Liquidity Crisis

Gazit-Globe Chairman Chaim Katzman looks at the global economic struggles and how his company adapted to a worldwide liquidity crisis.

The Value of Energy Efficiency for REITs

Roger Platt of the U.S. Green Building Council discusses energy efficiency and the value to REITs and shareholders alike.

Marty Cicco on the Climate for M&A

Industry veteran Marty Cicco looks at the climate for REIT M&A.

Gil Menna on Debt Markets

Goodwin Procter's Gil Menna looks at looming debt maturities, the future of the CMBS market and the importance of FIRPTA.

Ray Milnes on Changing Financial Reporting

Ray Milnes of KPMG discusses the impact of potential changes to financial reporting for REITs.

Ron Sturzenegger on the Positive and Negative Trends Facing Commercial Real Estate

Ron Sturzenegger of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch explores the positive and negative trends facing commercial real estate.

Charles Hazen on Adapting in Uncertain Times

Charles Hazen of Hines REIT discusses how his company is adapting to the challenges in the real estate economy.

Host Hotels' Ed Walter on Acquisitions in 2010

Ed Walter discusses Host Hotels & Resorts' prospects for acquisitions in 2010. 

Jonathan Litt Previews 2010 REIT Market

Jonathan Litt of Land and Buildings Investment Management offers his outlook on REITs for 2010. 

REIT Magazine Spotlight: Jan/Feb 2010

The editors of REIT magazine look at what's inside the January/February issue. 

Market Snapshot January 2010

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at the long-term strength of REIT returns and what will drive continued REIT success.

Mike Kirby on Benefits of Low Leverage

Green Street Advisors Chairman Mike Kirby looks at the reasons why REITs should maintain low levels of leverage.

Keven Lindemann on REITs and Leverage

SNL Financial's Keven Lindemann looks at REITs' use of leverage.

Bernstein: Acadia Realty Trust's 2010 Outlook

Kenneth Bernstein, president and CEO of Acadia Realty Trust, looks at his company's prospects for 2010.

Word on the Beach: January 2010

Craig Leupold of Green Street Advisors looks at the opportunities for REITs in 2010.