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Media Update: October 2009

NAREIT's Brad Case says despite two strong quarters REITs are still down 50% from the peak and still have room to grow.

Developers Diversified's Scott Wolstein on Retail Market Challenges

Developers Diversified Realty's Scott Wolstein talks about retail market challenges, the shutdown in development activity and foreign holdings.

Wolstein Reviews Developers Diversified's Recapitalization

Developers Diversified's Scott Wolstein talks about his company's recapitalization, including the Otto family's equity investment.

AMB's David Twist considers the potential recovery in 2010

A new AMB report shows industrial fundamentals beginning to recover in 2010.

Marks: Unsecured Bond Market

Steven Marks of Fitch Ratings looks at trends in the REIT unsecured bond market.

Wood: Retailer Sales Versus Retailer Profitability

Federal Realty's Don Wood looks at the issue of retailer sales versus retailer profitability.

Media Update: September 2009

NAREIT's Brad Case explores the factors driving the REIT resurgence since March, and what impact another round of TALF funding might have.

Mark Van Deusen Suggests How IRS Could Assist REITs

Mark Van Deusen of Hunton & Williams discusses how requested IRS guidance could assist REITs in working out and acquiring distressed CRE debt.

Rubin: Navigating the Capital Markets

Alex Rubin of Moelis & Co. looks at how REITs are navigating the real estate capital markets.

Elkin: Positive Pricing Trends

Neal Elkin of Real Estate Analytics discusses potentially positive trends in commercial real estate property values.

Wood: Managing for the Long Term in Tough Market

Don Wood discusses managing Federal Realty for the long term amidst short-term market challenges.

Rubin: Government Impact on REITs

Moelis & Company Managing Director Alex Rubin looks at the impact of government initiatives on REITs.

Market Snapshot: August 2009

The factors fueling REITs' strong July returns and the ongoing appetite for equity offerings.

Marks: Outlook for REIT Debt

Steven Marks of Fitch Ratings provides his outlook for the REIT debt market.

Regulating Financial Derivatives

Chatham Financial executives explore issues surrounding plans to regulate financial derivatives.

IPOs to Buy CMBS

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at why we are seeing IPOs of a number of new REITs planning to use funds to buy CMBS.

July/August Magazine Preview
Associate Editor Allen Kenney discusses the focus of the July/Aug. issue of Real Estate Portfolio magazine.
Mike Kelly on Challenges in the Multifamily Sector

Mike Kelly, president and co-founder of Caldera Asset Management, looks at the financing challenges facing the multifamily sector.

Market Snapshot: July 2009

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at the factors behind the outstanding 2Q REIT returns and the prospects for additional equity offerings and future IPOs.

Moore: Apartment Market Strategies

Connie Moore of BRE Properties discusses market strategies for apartment companies in a difficult market.