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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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July/August Magazine Preview
Associate Editor Allen Kenney discusses the focus of the July/Aug. issue of Real Estate Portfolio magazine.
Mike Kelly on Challenges in the Multifamily Sector

Mike Kelly, president and co-founder of Caldera Asset Management, looks at the financing challenges facing the multifamily sector.

Market Snapshot: July 2009

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at the factors behind the outstanding 2Q REIT returns and the prospects for additional equity offerings and future IPOs.

Moore: Apartment Market Strategies

Connie Moore of BRE Properties discusses market strategies for apartment companies in a difficult market.

Steve Brown:Outlook for REITs

Investment Manager Steve Brown shares his outlook for REITs and the impact recent equity offerings and future M&A activity might have.

Scott Crowe on Global Real Estate

Scott Crowe of Cohen & Steers Capital Management looks at the opportunities available in global real estate investment.

Hamid Moghadam on the Global Downturn

AMB Property Corporation's Hamid Moghadam talks about his company's strategies for operating in a difficult global market.

BofA: REIT Secondary Offerings

Ron Sturzenegger and Jeff Horowitz from BofA Merrill Lynch look at REIT secondary offerings.

Scott Crowe: Invest in Global Real Estate

Scott Crowe of Cohen & Steers Capital Management lists the three reasons to invest in global real estate securities now.

Case: NAREIT PurePlay Index

NAREIT's Brad Case discusses the NAREIT PurePlay Index, which uses REIT stock prices to value direct commercial property.

Mayer: Economic Recovery and REITs

Chris Mayer of the Columbia Business School provides an overview of what the economic outlook means for REITs.

Ken Rosen Discussing the Government Stimulus Plan

Rosen Consulting Group Chairman Ken Rosen on government stimulus efforts and the impact on REITs.

Mike Grazziano on Equity Offerings

Mike Graziano of Goldman, Sachs looks at the market's enduring appetite for REIT equity offerings.

Mike Kirby: Distressed Assets

Green Street Advisors' Mike Kirby looks at the opportunities for acquiring distressed assets and his outlook for the REIT industry.

Start of Industry Re-Equitization

Brad Case discusses the significance of several leading REITs issuing equity in the current market.

NAREIT's Brad Case Looks at How REITs Perform in Inflationary Times

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at how REITs perform in inflationary times

Fateh: Operating Dupont Fabros Technology

Hossein Fateh of Dupont Fabros Technology discusses the company's operations.

REIT Debt and Possible M&A

Jeff Horowitz and Ron Sturzenegger of BofA Merrill Lynch on REIT debt and possible M&A activity.

Tim Pire Examines Global REITs

Tim Pire of Heitman Securities on the global real estate investment proposition.

Martin Cohen: Deleveraging in the REIT Industry

Martin Cohen of Cohen & Steers Capital Management discusses the deleveraging of the REIT industry.