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HCP's Jay Flaherty on Company's Capital Structure

HCP Chairman and CEO Jay Flaherty, III looks at the strength of his company's balance sheet and where he plans to look for acquisitions.

Anatole Pevnev on REITs in the Recession

The Townsend Group's Anatole Pevnev talks about how a more mature REIT industry survived the recession and where REITs stand with institutions.

Henry: REITs to Seek Institutional Partners

David Henry says REITs will likely seek institutional partners going forward.

Mark Howard-Johnson on REIT Volatility Issues

Mark Howard-Johnson of Occom Capital discusses reasons why REITs' volatility still worries institutions.

Thomas: Considering Rayonier's Options

Rayonier's Lee Thomas discusses the steps his company has taken to solidify its balance sheet.

Peter Mitchell Previews Asian REITs in 2010

At REITWorld 2009, APREA CEO Peter Mitchell offers his outlook on the Asian REIT market for 2010.

Hans Nordby on Institutional Investment in REITs

Hans Nordby of Property & Portfolio Research talks about the enhanced role REITs are playing for institutions.

Philip Charls on State of European REITs

Philip Charls, CEO of the European Public Real Estate Association, looks at the state of REITs in Europe.

Neithercut: Multifamily Fundamentals for 2010

EQR's David Neithercut discusses multifamily fundamentals and how his company is positioned for 2010.

Steve Buller talks about investors' view of REITs

Steve Buller, portfolio manager for Fidelity Investments, discusses institutional investors' appetite for REITs.

Nussbaum: Focus Shifts to Growth

Ross Nussbaum of UBS Equities Research says after securing their balance sheets the focus is now on growth for REITs.

Paul Curbo: Role of REITs as Fund Managers

Invesco's Paul Curbo discusses prospects for REITs as fund managers.

Cafaro: 2010 Outlook

Ventas' Debra Cafaro discusses her outlook for the REIT market in 2010.

Steve Renna of NAREIM on the Banking System

NAREIM President Steve Renna discusses the issues impacting the health of the banking system.

Market Snapshot: November 2009

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at the impact a transaction volume will have on the CRE market as a whole and REITs specifically.

Jackson Hsieh of UBS on Government Rescue Programs

Jackson Hsieh looks at why government stimulus programs have not had a dramatic impact on CRE as of yet.

MIT's David Geltner on Transaction Volume

The pricing gap between buyers and sellers is shrinking. MIT's David Geltner explains why and what this means for deal volume.

Tom Toomey on UDR's Growth Plans

UDR President and CEO Tom Toomey details his company's growth strategy.

Toomey Talks Technolgy at UDR

UDR's Tom Toomey talks the role technology plays at his company and in the real estate industry going forward.

Green Street's Jim Sullivan on Company Valuations

Green Street's Jim Sullivan compares REIT share prices to the value of their underlying property portfolios.