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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Brooks Examines State of Canadian REIT Market

Michael Brooks of REALPAC discusses the current state of the Canadian REIT market and prospects for 2010.

Brooks examines M&A and IPOs in Canada
April '10: RealPAC's Michael Brooks looks at the factors driving Canada's strong real estate market and what is happening with M&A and IPOs.
David Twardock on the Advantages of Investing in Public Real Estate Securities

David Twardock of Prudential Mortgage Capital Company discusses the advantages of investing in public real estate securities.

CPPI Shows First Decrease in Three Months

The Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI) dropped 2.6 percent in February, ending a streak of three consecutive months with positive returns.

Laurence Geller on Lodging Sector Trends

Laurence Geller of Strategic Hotels & Resorts looks at lodging sector trends.

Report: Rent Data Positive for Apartments
In a positive sign for investors, multifamily REITs in the United States are taking an aggressive approach to raising rental rates, according to a report from Macquarie Equities Research.
Word on the Beach: April 2010

Word on the Beach: Green Street's Jim Sullivan looks at trends in the mall sector.

Green Street Pricing Index Keeps on Climbing
The Green Street Advisors Commercial Property Price Index (GSA CPPI) continued its upward ascent in March, increasing 2 percent for the month.
U.S. REITs Outperform in First Quarter

REIT shares continued their strong performance in the first three months of 2010, nearly doubling the performance of the S&P 500 in the quarter. REITs doubled their own values on a one-year basis at the quarter's end.

Market Snapshot: April 2010

REITs nearly doubled S&P 500 returns in the first quarter, NAREIT's Brad Case looks at the reasons why.


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