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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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U.S. CRE Viewed as Stable, Secure Place to Invest

AFIRE's Jim Fetgatter says investors also have eye on Brazil.

Looking for Low Volatility REIT Stocks

Cornerstone's Nem Marjanovic says volatility is a major factor for REIT investors in this market.

Commercial Real Estate Still Recovering

Lazard's Jay Leupp says market in middle innings of recovery.

2011 REIT Returns Increase 4 Times More than S&P 500
U.S. Equity REITs up 8.28 percent, raise record-breaking capital.
Outside Factors Influencing REIT Volatility

European Investors Managing Director Richard Adler says "financial technology" affecting REITs.

REITs Will Continue Global Expansion

RCA's Peter Slatin predicts more REITs will evolve into global companies.

Israel's Growing Commercial Real Estate Market

B-BRE research and consulting firm creates index with focus on Israeli real estate.

Book Highlights Keys to Investing in Global REITs
Author says international REITs open up new investment opportunities.
REIT Conversion Benefiting Weyerhaeuser

CEO Dan Fulton says company adjusting to slowdown in homebuilding.

Without FIRPTA Reform, U.S. Real Estate at Disadvantage

AFIRE's Jim Fetgatter says FIRPTA is a competitive disadvantage in attracting foreign capital.


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