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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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BMO: Sectors to Watch in 2010

BMO Capital Markets analysts share their views on what sectors to watch for in 2010.

Neuberger Berman: 2010 Investment Prospects

Neuberger Berman Real Estate Fund managers look at investment prospects for 2010.

Robinson: CRE Investors Want to Avoid "Catching a Falling Knife"

Scott Robinson spoke with about some of the trends in the behavior of REIT stocks relative to the commercial property market, as well as what lies ahead for publicly traded commercial real estate.

CPPI Hits 7-Year Low
The Moody's/REAL Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI) dropped 3.9 percent in September, marking a seven-year low for the Index.
BMO: Outlook for 2010

BMO Capital Markets look at the hot topics of REITWorld 2009 as well as their outlook for 2010.

Frankel: REITs and Leverage

Merrie Frankel of Moody's says lower leverage will continue to be a key for REITs.

Anatole Pevnev on REITs in the Recession

The Townsend Group's Anatole Pevnev talks about how a more mature REIT industry survived the recession and where REITs stand with institutions.

Henry: REITs to Seek Institutional Partners

David Henry says REITs will likely seek institutional partners going forward.

Mark Howard-Johnson on REIT Volatility Issues

Mark Howard-Johnson of Occom Capital discusses reasons why REITs' volatility still worries institutions.

Hans Nordby on Institutional Investment in REITs

Hans Nordby of Property & Portfolio Research talks about the enhanced role REITs are playing for institutions.


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