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REITS help support nearly 1,000,000 jobs in the U.S. each year.

Departments: In Closing

Confident, Connected and Open to Change
REITs may appeal to the confidence, openness to change and independent streak of millennials.
Demographics Are Destiny
FOR COMMERCIAL REAL estate investors, demographics don’t matter over any short period of
The Ground Game
To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question

Share repurchases.

A rising interest rate tide will not swamp commercial real estate’s boat

Challenge is Finding the Right Boats.

Convertible Preferreds: Something for Everyone

Use of Preferred Shares.

If the Tap’s Running, Pour Me Another

For the first time in years, all types of real estate capital flows have increased.

Christmas Wishes in Spring

Wish list for REIT industry.

Apartment Supply Remains In Check … Except Where It Isn’t

New construction will begin to push up apartment vacancy rates in some submarkets in 2013.

Surprise Me

Taking a Shot at Some Forecasting.


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