Card Check Legislation

The Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800, S. 1041), or EFCA, also known as the “Card Check” Bill, is expected to be a top legislative issue during the 111th Congress. The proposal would replace the current process for an individual deciding on whether or not to join a union from using a private ballot to simply signing a card. Once a majority of workers sign cards, a union would be authorized to organize. In addition, in a departure from traditional private sector contract law, EFCA would authorize a government arbitrator to impose a two-year contract on employers and employees even if neither party consents to the contract terms.

NAREIT supports the efforts of the Coalition for a Democratic Workplace (CDW), a coalition of workers, employers, association and organizations, who are working to protect the right to a federally supervised private ballot during union organization campaigns, and preserve the sanctity of agreements reached during good faith negotiations under the current collective bargaining laws without the imposition of mandatory binding arbitration.

For more information on the Coalition’s efforts, visit the CDW website.

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