Nareit publishes a number of publications for members as well as the broader investment community. 

Among these publications are the daily executive news summary, Real Estate Investment SmartBrief, a variety of e-newsletters and additional informational materials.

REITWatch: A monthly statistical publication that provides a snapshot of the REIT industry.

REITWay®: Nareit's annual report.

Nareit Research Library: Nareit provides rigorous analytic research—developed by Nareit's economists as well as sponsored research—that individually and collectively highlights and clarifies the competitive long-term market performance record and portfolio benefits of REITs and the role REITs should play in diversified investment portfolios.


Nareit publishes a variety of member-only e-newsletters to keep members apprised of key news, current events, and important developments in the REIT industry.

Nareit Weekly is a member-only weekly e-newsletter delivering up-to-date news and information on the latest industry developments to executives of public, public non-listed, and private REIT and real estate companies, their employees, and other industry professionals.

Nareit News Digest is a free monthly compendium of the most popular content produced by Nareit. Sign up here for free

Nareit Research is a quarterly newsletter featuring the latest REIT-related research, data, and analyses. Subscribe here

Nareit Sustainability is a quarterly newsletter featuring a compilation of sustainability related industry articles, executive interviews, member REIT profiles about environmental stewardship or social responsibility initiatives, and upcoming events. Subscribe here.

Nareit's Real Estate Investment SmartBrief: This daily email newsletter (published in conjunction with SmartBrief) provides easy-to-read summaries of the most important news relating to real estate investment. Join the 41,000+ professionals who receive the top real estate investment, research, marketplace and policy news in their inbox every day—subscribe for free.

Blogs & Podcast

Nareit Market Commentary: The Market Commentary blog on presents analysis of the macro- and micro-economic fundamentals impacting the REIT and commercial real estate industry.

Nareit Developments: The Nareit Developments section on provides updates of Nareit's activities and key events impacting the REIT and commercial real estate industry.

Nareit Media Briefs: The Nareit Media blog provides information for members of the news media on REITs, the REIT industry and Nareit. Media representatives seeking information on REIT returns, REIT performance relative to other investments and the size and make-up of the U.S. REIT industry will find it here.

REIT Report Podcast: Nareit’s REIT Report podcast is the REIT industry’s premium weekly podcast surpassing 400 episodes in 2024. All episodes feature informative and timely interviews with REIT and publicly traded real estate executives, analysts, industry professionals, and thought leaders.

Informational Publications:

Nareit also publishes a number of materials designed to educate its membership and the investment community at large about real estate investment through REITs, as well as industry trends and other important issues.

Member Directory: The online Nareit member directory is a convenient resource for contact information for the REITs—public and private—as well as publicly traded real estate companies and Individual Members that comprise Nareit's membership. Company listings contain address information, ticker symbol and website address. The index section lists companies by sector affiliation.

REIT Quick Facts for Financial Advisors : Download your choice of five printable, FINRA-reviewed Fact Sheets. Each one explains a potential benefit of REITs by illustrating key facts about the performance of stock exchange-listed Equity REITs over the longest period for which data are available: 1972-2013.

Global REIT Approach to Real Estate Investing: Nareit produced this brochure and updates it annually to addresses the benefits of adapting a REIT model of real estate investment for economies, investors, and communities.

Nareit's REIT Industry Sustainability Report : This report focuses on progress across the REIT industry in several areas tied to transparency, good governance, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

Nareit Compensation Survey: Nareit’s Annual Compensation Survey (complimentary to participants) is the most comprehensive real estate survey of its kind, featuring up-to-date information on compensation for more than 200 positions commonly found at REITs and REOCs. Biennially, this survey includes either information pertaining to employee benefit programs or information relating to board compensation.

REITwise Sourcebook: The REITwise Sourcebook is updated every year to coincide with REITwise, Nareit's Law, Accounting & Finance Conference, and provides a substantial amount of data and information, including all the presentations, handouts and additional materials used to convey knowledge and share information between speakers and attendees while at the event. The Sourcebook is available at no charge to all to REITwise conference registrants. Those who were not able to attend the conference may purchase access to this valuable resource.

Nareit's Online Federal REIT Tax Compendium: The searchable online compendium includes Nareit summaries of all IRS and Treasury rulings, regulations and pronouncements from 1997 through Dec. 31, 2019 affecting the REIT industry and links to the official IRS or Treasury documents when available.