Industry data and research highlights the investment performance benefits and opportunities of REIT-based real estate investments to institutional and individual investors, financial advisers, policymakers and the media. Nareit provides a range of stock performance data for both domestic and global REITs as well as a series of industry performance measures tracked daily, monthly and yearly. 

Market Commentary
U.S. Public Equity REITs Insulated from Mortgage Market Turmoil

The commercial real estate (CRE) mortgage market has changed dramatically since the end of 2021. For many real estate investors, gone are the days of low-cost, readily available property financing.

Aggregate U.S. Public Equity REIT Leverage Ratios
Public and Private Real Estate: Divergences, Harbingers, and Opportunities

With REIT implied capitalization (cap) rates significantly higher than private real estate transaction cap rates, the attractiveness of public equity REITs has increased.

Cityscape looking up from the ground
REITs Complete Institutional Real Estate Portfolios: A Case Study of the Korean National Pension System

One of the dominant themes among institutional real estate investors over the past few years has been the shift toward “alternative” property types.

Property Sector Market Cap
REITs Post Narrow Gain in April

The FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs Index posted a total return of 0.3% in April and the FTSE EPRA Nareit Global Extended Index rose 1.5%.

All Equity REITs Post narrow Gain in April Graph
REITs Raised More Than $14 Billion Through Capital Offerings in Q1 2023

In 2023, four deals to acquire publicly-listed REITs have been announced, with a total deal value of $20.4 billion and 97% of the value reflecting acquisitions by listed REITs.

U.S. REIT Capital Raising
REIT Skilled Nursing Tenants Have High Quality Measure Ratings

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) that are housed in properties leased from REITs tend to have better quality measures and ratings compared with those that rent non-REIT properties or own their buildings.

2022 Share of Skilled Nursing Facilities by Long-Stay Quality Measure Rating
GRESB Shows REITs Continue to Improve Environmental Performance in 2022

GRESB, the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, has released its 2022 data on environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and good governance for REITs.

Weighted Average Change in Like-for-Like Energy
REITs Recovered after Early Losses in March

The FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs Index ended a tumultuous March down 1.7% for the month, and the FTSE EPRA Nareit Global Extended Index declined 2.3%.

All Equity REITs vs Stocks
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