Industry data and research highlights the investment performance benefits and opportunities of REIT-based real estate investments to institutional and individual investors, financial advisers, policymakers and the media. Nareit provides a range of stock performance data for both domestic and global REITs as well as a series of industry performance measures tracked daily, monthly and yearly. 

Market Commentary
Actively Managed Real Estate Fund Tracker: 2023 Q3

Nareit tracks quarterly investment holdings for the 27 largest actively managed real estate investment funds focusing on REIT investment for insight on expert investor sentiment.

Active Tracker Manager
Public and Private Real Estate: Divergence, Resurgence, and Convergence

Although many institutional investors focus their property investment strategies on private equity real estate, current and expected market conditions tend to favor public real estate.

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REITs Complement Private Real Estate

According to the 2023 Hodes Weill/Cornell Real Estate Allocations Monitor, institutions consider REITs to be a complement to private real estate in terms of filling allocation needs and addressing liquidity objectives.

Reasons for Responding
REITs and Broad Markets Rise as the 10-Year Treasury Yield Pulls Back

The FTSE Nareit All Equity REITs Index, broader markets, and treasuries responded positively as investors broadly believe the Federal Reserve’s cycle of monetary policy tightening to be over.

All REITs vs. Equity Stocks
REITs Own 575,000 Properties in the U.S.

Nareit’s annual update of REIT property counts and estimated gross asset values by state and property sector is now available on the REITs Across America website.

Global Real Estate Pressured by Rising Bond Yields in September

The FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Extended Index faced headwinds in September as investors grappled with rising bond yields in the United States and other developed markets.

Global Real Estate Property Sector Performance
REITs Raised $4.1 Billion Through Secondary Offerings in 2023: Q3

U.S. REITs raised $4.1 billion from secondary debt and equity offerings in the third quarter of 2023, though this preliminary total will be revised upward when ATM program usage data become available.

US REIT Property Acquisitions and Dispositions
Using REITs to Tactically Capitalize on Public-Private Real Estate Pricing Dislocation

Throughout 2022 and 2023, the public and private real estate markets have been a tale of two cities.

Residential Exposure
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REITWatch is a monthly statistical publication intended to provide a snapshot of the REIT industry. It includes data derived from the FTSE Nareit U.S. Real Estate Index Series and the FTSE/EPRA Nareit Global Real Estate Index Series in addition to tracking the performance of individual REITs.

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