Industry data and research highlights the investment performance benefits and opportunities of REIT-based real estate investments to institutional and individual investors, financial advisers, policymakers and the media. Nareit provides a range of stock performance data for both domestic and global REITs as well as a series of industry performance measures tracked daily, monthly and yearly. 

Market Commentary
Proper Balance Sheets: REIT Sectors Focused on Low Leverage with Fixed Rate and Unsecured Debt

During this period of divergent public and private property valuations, the commercial real estate mortgage market has been marked by higher interest rates and stricter underwriting standards.

Fixed Rate Debt
Office and Apartment Sectors Magnify Cap Rate Disparities

A recent Nareit market commentary highlighted that the “ostrich effect,” an investor behavior where risky situations are avoided by pretending that they do not exist, may aptly describe the attitudes of many private institutional real estate investment managers and appraisers when it comes to their valuation practices.

Property Type Cap Rates
Norges Bank Investment Management: Public and Private Real Estate All the Same in the Long Run

Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) recently published a discussion note, “Drivers of Listed and Unlisted Real Estate Returns,” which analyzes the drivers of U.S. public and private real estate returns and evaluates real estate exposures in the context of a diversified investment portfolio.

Climbing Treasury Yields Pressured REITs and Broad Markets in August

REITs and broad market equities faced challenges in August, as the sharply rising 10-year Treasury yield hit 4.34%, its highest level since 2007, and then declined to 4.09% in the final week of the month.

All Equity REITs vs Stocks
Real Estate Cap Rates, Appraisals, and the Ostrich Effect

A common myth tells us that ostriches bury their heads in the sand when faced with danger. While not true, the phrase “burying your head in the sand” has become a popular idiom to describe an individual who ignores the existence of a problem with the hope that it will just go away.

Real Estate Cap Rates Appraisals
REITs Underweighted in ESG Funds

The Morningstar Sustainable Funds Landscape Report shows that the number of sustainable open-end and exchange-traded funds available to U.S. investors rose to nearly 600 in 2022.

Difference Between Fund Weighted Average Allocation and Benchmark Allocation by GCIS Sector
Reading the Real Estate Market: Tracking Active Managers’ Allocations Over Time

Nareit is tracking quarterly investment holdings for the 28 largest actively managed real estate investment funds focusing on REIT investment.

Managed Fund Weight vs. FTSE Nareit All Equity Weight
REITs: A Port in the Capital Market Storm

The rapid rise in interest rates since the beginning of 2022 has exposed fault lines in banking, private equity, and commercial real estate business models that were predicated on low debt rates.

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