Nareit is the worldwide representative voice for REITs and publicly traded real estate companies with an interest in U.S. real estate and capital markets. Meet the individuals who work on the industry’s behalf.

Nareit Staff

President & Chief Executive Officer

Steven A. Wechsler


Finance & Operations

Sheldon M. Groner
Executive Vice President, Finance & Operations

Frederick Biney

Tracie Betts
Senior Manager, Membership & Meetings

Afia Boone
Vice President, Membership & Meetings

Kimberly Brewer
Policy Issues & Operations Coordinator

Nathaalie Carey
Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs & Social Responsibility

Pamela Coleman
Senior Vice President, Meetings

Roberto Diaz
Senior Vice President, Finance & Fiscal Management

Victor Dristas
Senior Vice President, Operations

Jose Fajardo
Accounts Payable Clerk/Accounting Coordinator

Chris Flood
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Fulya Kocak
Senior Vice President, ESG Issues

Patti McGraw
Senior Director, Database & Operations

Allison Shaw
Manager, ESG Issues & Operations

Katelyn Rowland
Vice President, Membership & Meetings

Tioni Simmons
Senior Director, Human Resources

Margaret Solaqua
Senior Director, Office Support



Research & Investor Outreach

John Worth
Executive Vice President, Research & Investor Outreach

John Barwick
Vice President, Index Management & Industry Information

Meredith Despins
Senior Vice President, Investment Affairs

Nicole Funari
Vice President, Research

Abigail F. McCarthy
Senior Vice President, Investment Affairs

Calvin Schnure
Senior Vice President, Research & Economic Analysis

Kurt Walten
Senior Vice President, Investment Affairs


Policy & Politics

Tony M. Edwards
Senior Executive Vice President

Cathy Barré
Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Dara Bernstein
Senior Vice President & Tax Counsel

Robert Dibblee
Senior Vice President, Goverment Relations

Christopher T. Drula
Senior Vice President, Financial Standards

John Jones
Senior Vice President, Government Relations





Steven Lowery
Director, Government Relations

Gladys Quinto Marrone
Executive Director, Nareit Hawaii

Victoria Rostow
Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Deputy General Counsel

George Yungmann

Senior Vice President, Financial Standards


Matthew Bechard
Executive Vice President, Communications

Sarah Borchersen-Keto
Editorial Director

Jane Dollinger
Senior Director, Media Relations & Executive Communications

Katie Feldman
Senior Vice President, Public Relations & Strategic Communications

Kyle Gustafson
Vice President, Content Strategy & Management

Wesley Kirk
Vice President & Creative Director

Ron Kuykendall
Vice President, Media & Public Relations

Lizzy Lees
Director, Digital Media and Marketing

Diane Rusignola
Senior Director, Editorial Content