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Nareit is the worldwide representative voice for real estate investment trusts—REITs—and publicly traded real estate companies with an interest in U.S. real estate and capital markets. REITs are real estate working for you. Nareit advocates for REIT-based real estate investment with policymakers and the global investment community.

Nareit represents a large and diverse industry that includes equity REITs, which own commercial properties, mortgage REITs (mREITs), which invest in mortgage securities, REITs traded on major stock exchanges, public non-listed REITs and private REITs. Together, they own more than $3 trillion in gross real estate assets, with more than $2 trillion of that total from public listed and non-listed REITs and the remainder from privately held REITs. By making investment in these assets easy and widely available through the purchase of stock, our more than 200 REIT members enable all investors—importantly, small investors—to own income producing real estate—something that once was possible only for large institutions and the wealthy.

We are the voice for the REIT industry among U.S policymakers, whom we inform about the important roles that REITs and REIT investment play in job creation, economic growth and the lives of millions of investors. We also are an information resource for policymakers in countries around the world that have introduced or are considering introducing REITs.

Nareit is the leading producer and sponsor of research on REIT investment, which we use to communicate its benefits—continuing income, diversification, capital appreciation and inflation protection—to investors, policymakers and the media, worldwide. We also provide REIT news, data and our industry’s perspective to all our audiences, and we host the REIT industry’s primary investor conferences and educational events.

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Nareit offers memberships to real estate companies operating as REITs and publicly traded real estate companies and individuals who provide support and services to REITs and the publicly traded real estate industry. Nareit brings together a diverse group of professionals sharing a common interest in real estate investment.

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Since its inception, Nareit has diligently worked to preserve and perfect REITs by helping to shape the landmark legislation and policy decisions that have defined the evolution of REITs and real estate investment.

Speaking as the voice of the industry, Nareit articulates its position at the highest levels of the U.S. and other governments, at state and local levels, and before numerous standards-setting organizations around the globe.

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Nareit takes seriously its role in encouraging development and adoption of effective sustainability practices in REIT-based real estate investment. Going forward, Nareit will build on its existing ESG efforts such as the Leader in the Light Awards and the ESG Forum, while also seeking out partnerships with like-minded. Just as it communicates the investment benefits of REITs to the broader public, Nareit will continue to highlight the REIT industry’s contributions to sustainable real estate ownership and operations.

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Dividends Through Diversity Initiative

Nareit has created the Dividends Through Diversity Initiative to promote the recruitment, inclusion and advancement of women in REITs and the broader commercial real estate industry. This initiative seeks to achieve this mission through providing education and career development opportunities, hosting networking events and more.

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