As a national trade association, our brand reflects our industry and our members. To convey a clear, consistent identity, all branding elements must work together.

Nareit serves as the worldwide representative voice for REITs and publicly traded real estate companies with an interest in U.S. real estate. Nareit’s members are REITs and other real estate companies throughout the world that own, operate, and finance income-producing real estate, as well as those firms and individuals who advise, study, and service those businesses. Nareit’s focus is to broaden and deepen REIT ownership to help a growing set of everyday American investors enjoy the benefits of holding real estate in a well-diversified portfolio, while increasing capital sources that invest in America’s future.

Click here to download and review our master brand guidelines. For questions please contact Vice President & Creative Director Wes Kirk at

Nareit Brand Guidelines

2024 Brand Guidelines

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Telling the REIT Story

2024 Member Guide

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The Nareit logo with tagline lockup is the preferred representation of Nareit for all external-facing brand communications. Download all logo variations for print and digital use here.  

Color Palette

Our primary color palette is comprised of the following colors.


Our secondary color palette uses the following colors.





Our primary font is ITC Korinna. When used for headlines, all type should be either black or white. If used as a callout or subhead, type may use core Nareit blue.

Suisse Int’l. is the typeface used for smaller subheads, callouts and for all body copy.

When ITC Korinna is not available, Georgia is the default typeface for headline and subhead use. Use Arial for body copy in digital communications when Suisse Int’l is not available.

Core Shapes

Nareit uses core shapes as graphic elements in layout. They are meant to purposefully hold photography, brand color or brand imagery.


Nareit photography tells the story of our brand while capturing and highlighting the relationship between the city and those who live within it. We have two categories of imagery.


This category includes both groups of people within a work environment engaged with each other, and studio portraits featuring a single individual.


This category includes expansive landscapes with or without people as well as architectural details inspired by the core shapes.

Click here to download and review our master brand guidelines. To download fonts, shapes and images, or for questions please contact Vice President & Creative Director Wes Kirk at