Nareit provides rigorous analytic research—developed by Nareit's economists as well as sponsored research—that individually and collectively highlights and clarifies the competitive long-term market performance record and portfolio benefits of REITs and the role REITs should play in diversified investment portfolios.


Nareit research

Nareit's team of economists and data specialists conducts research regularly on a wide variety of topics relevant to real estate investors including:

  • Listed REIT returns, volatility and correlations with other assets.
  • Real estate market fundamentals including construction, rent growth and occupancy levels.
  • Macroeconomic fundamentals including employment, consumer spending and household formation.
  • Performance of institutional private equity real estate investments.
  • Diversification benefits of listed REITs and private equity real estate.

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Sponsored research

Nareit regularly sponsors projects conducted by:

  • Outside research organizations including Wilshire, Morningstar and CEM Benchmarking.
  • Academic researchers and research centers such as the MIT Center for Real Estate.

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Third-party research

Nareit compiles and disseminates third-party research including:

  • Research reports by investment consultants, investment managers and other industry participants.
  • Research studies conducted independently by university-based researchers, in many cases prior to their publication in academic journals.  

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