REIT Indexes

FTSE NAREIT U.S. Value ($) % Change
All REITs 179.93 0.21%
All Equity REITs 594.74 0.21%
Mortgage REITs 5.25 0.19%
Global 1,950.45 -0.09%
Developed 2,037.36 -0.06%
Emerging 2,142.34 -0.39%

Market Commentary

If good things come in threes, then the housing market is right on track—and that’s good news for REITs and commercial real estate, too. Sales of new homes, sales of existing homes and...

We often get questions about where we are in the cycle. REITs and real estate are tied closely to the macro economy’s turns through expansion and recession. While the crystal ball is...

New construction of multifamily housing units slowed a bit in May from April’s torrid pace, yet remained on a rising trend. Multifamily housing starts were at an annualized rate of 349,...

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