Nareit recognizes the achievements and contributions of its members and industry professionals through its annual awards programs. Nareit presents member companies with awards for sustainability practices, social responsibility efforts, and communications with investors. Executives and industry professionals are recognized for their contributions to the industry.


The links below provide more information about each award program as well as award recipients.

Application-Based Impact Awards

Nareit Diversity Impact Awards

Nareit’s annual Diversity Impact Awards recognize Nareit member REITs that take intentional approaches to implementing, measuring, and scaling innovative social responsibility policies and practices within their companies and across supply chains, ultimately having a positive effect on the communities they serve.

Nareit Sustainability Impact Awards

Nareit’s annual Sustainability Impact Awards recognize projects and programs implemented by Nareit member REITs that demonstrate innovation in sustainable building design and development, operating practices, and leadership.

Nareit Leader in the Light Awards

Nareit's annual Leader in the Light Awards honor Nareit member REITs by sector that demonstrate leadership in implementing sustainable and socially responsible investment and operating practices, good governance, and transparency. The Leader in the Light Awards have been presented since 2005. Since 2012, the award scoring criteria has included, among other measures, participation in the annual GRESB Real Estate Assessment.

Nomination-Based Awards

Nareit Investor CARE Awards

Nareit’s Investor CARE (Communications & Reporting Excellence) Awards honor Nareit member REITs that interact most effectively with investors and provide the most comprehensive, clearly articulated, and useful information in the most efficient manner. Award recipients are selected by a panel of REIT investors.

Nareit Industry Achievement and Leadership Awards

The Industry Leadership Award is presented to a REIT executive who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the growth and betterment of the industry. Industry professionals whose acumen and integrity have helped heighten awareness of REITs and publicly traded real estate are eligible for the Industry Achievement Award.