NAREIT Research

  • REITs and Real Estate: Outlook for 2017
    This report from Brad Case, senior vice president for research and industry information, and Calvin Schnure, senior vice president for research and economic analysis, focuses on the outlook for REITs and real estate in the year ahead, including the macroeconomic environment, operating conditions in property markets as the real estate cycle enters its eighth year, likely Fed policies in 2017, and what current share price valuations may tell us about where we stand and what to expect in the market for equity real estate investment returns.
  • 2016:Q4 Commercial Property Update
    Office and retail property sectors saw continuing improvements in the fourth quarter, with vacancies continuing downward and modest rent growth. The apartment sector hit an air pocket, as lagging demand growth and a wave of new supply pushed up vacancy rate. Economic fundamentals for real estate remain solid, and REIT balance sheets are well positioned for rising interest rates.
  • REITs: Real Estate With a Return Premium
    A NAREIT analysis of the performance of publicly traded equity REITs and private equity core, value-added and opportunistic funds over the last full real estate cycle shows REITs outperformed private equity real estate funds over the entire cycle, as well as over the bull market portion of the cycle when value-added and opportunistic funds’ higher leverage would have been expected to deliver superior returns.


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