Beginning with distributions made in or attributable to 2021, Nareit will no longer post individual REIT member spreadsheets relating to the federal income tax treatment of distributions. However, Nareit plans to post press releases and/or other public releases of Nareit corporate member REITs relating to tax treatment of 2021 distributions (including Form 8937 , “Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities”), if available.

We are aware of several third-party service providers, each unaffiliated with Nareit, that offer customers year-end REIT tax reporting on spreadsheets and other formats, including Broadridge, EDI, and Wall Street Concepts. This information about providers does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by Nareit. Nareit urges all potential users to verify and investigate potential data providers and related services.

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Participating REIT company information is listed alphabetically by company. For 2014-2020, a summary spreadsheet is available below.

Each Nareit member whose name appears in bold in the list below has provided a spreadsheet containing tax reporting information. Nareit does not independently verify and will not alter the tax reporting information contained in these spreadsheets.

Your access, viewing, and use of the tax reporting data listed below is subject to the following Terms of Use

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Historical tax treatment of REIT common share dividends

For a summary of the past tax data submitted to Nareit, including the date submitted, please refer to the following downloadable spreadsheets: