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The REIT Investor App was developed by NAREIT to allow users to access publicly available financial information, news  and/or performance data pertaining to public REITs and real estate operating companies. This REIT Investor App and all its content have been prepared for informational and/or educational purposes only.  

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Frequently Asked Questions About the REIT Investor App

What Devices Can Use the REIT Investor App?

The REIT Investor App is available in both Android iOS platforms. There is also a unique iPad version for iOS tablet use. 

What are the selection criteria to be listed in the REIT Investor App?

The REITs listed within the REIT Investor App are selected based on several criteria including:

  • Listed in the FTSE/NAREIT All REITs Index
  • Active NAREIT Corporate Members that are listed on the NYSE MKT or NASDAQ
  • Active NAREIT Corporate Members that are U.S.  based, Public, Non-Listed REITs or Real Estate Operating Companies.

Why do some REITs have no stock price data?

REITs without Stock price information or financial data on their profile screens are Public, Non-Listed REITs (PNLRs).  These are public companies, but their shares are not listed on a public exchange.

What are the Stars for on the Stock Prices Tab?

By clicking on a star, you can highlight or un-highlight a company.  This will either add that company to your favorites list or remove it from your favorites list.  By highlighting company stars, you can create a customized list of companies in which you are most interested.

Can I Add an Event from the App to My Device Calendar?

Yes!  Financial events from the Calendar Tab can be added to your device's calendar just by clicking the export icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

What is the magnifying glass? 

The magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the screen is a way to search on different filters depending on which screen you are in.

What is the “IR” in the upper right hand corner of the profile page for companies?

Click on “IR” and it takes you to the company’s Investor Relations site within the app.

Is Stock Data real time or delayed?

Financial data is delayed 15 minutes

How are some of the data fields on the Company Financial Profile pages calculated?

Market Cap: Most recent shares from the exchange multiplied by most recent price.
P/E Ratio (LTM): Most recent price divided by EPS (LTM).
EPS (LTM):  Last four quarters (summed) as reported by the company.
Dividend (LTM): DPS is the sum of monthly and/or quarterly reporting for the last twelve month period.
Yield (LTM): Most recent price divided by Dividend per Share.
FFO (LTM): Last four quarters (summed) as reported by the company.
P/FFO Ratio (LTM): Most recent price divided by FFO (LTM).

LTM = Last Twelve Months

Where do you get the news stories that appear in the REIT Investor App?

The REIT Investor App uses a news aggregator to pull stories based on ticker symbols or cusip numbers for PNLRs. For individual companies on the profile pages, we list the three most recent stories.  For the News page, we list the 25 most recent stories.

I see something in the App that I would like to update or correct, How do I do that?

You can send email comments and questions to “REITInvestor at NAREIT dot com”

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