Company News

  • 6/18/2019

    Broadstone Net Lease Taking a Wider Scope on Investment Opportunities

    CEO Chris Czarnecki says company looking to invest more in cold storage segment.

  • 1/25/2019

    Broadstone Real Estate's Investment Offerings Include New Fund, PNLR and More

    Amy Tait, co-founder of Broadstone Real Estate discusses the evolution she has witnessed in the non-listed REIT space as well as at her own company

  • 1/25/2019

    Broadstone Real Estate Launches Access Fund for Wealth Management Segment

    CEO Chris Czarnecki says fund has a lower minimum, more liquidity, and more diversification.

  • 3/7/2018

    Broadstone’s Residential REIT Focusing Exclusively on Multifamily

    CEO Chris Czarnecki says investor base favored a pure play multifamily portfolio.

  • Chris Czarnecki

    Broadstone Sees Expansion in Net Lease, Single-Family Rental Platforms

    CEO Chris Czarnecki sees rapid consolidation in single-family rental market.