CIM Income NAV, Inc. (N/A)

CIM Income NAV, Inc. is a continuously offered, public non-listed REIT that provides daily valuation and provides investors opportunities for daily purchases and redemptions. The company invests in U.S. commercial real estate across the retail, office, and industrial sectors – seeking further diversification by tenant, property type and geography.
Stock Price: N/A
Yearly return not available
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      Public non-listed
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    • Investment Sector
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      N/A (NA)
  • Nareit Coverage

    In 2019, 10 Nareit member REITs changed their company names.

  • Corporate Information
    Nareit member since 2013
    2325 E. Camelback Road
    Suite 1100
    Phoenix, Arizona 85016
    (602) 778-8700
    Richard Ressler
  • Real Estate Portfolio

    No properties were found.

    Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence 2018
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