List of REIT and Real Estate Funds

344 Results
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Fund Name Share Class Type Morningstar Rating Performance Overall YTD (%) Performance Overall 3 Year (%) Performance Overall 5 Year (%) Expense Ratio (%)sort ascending Net Assets ($mil) Minimum Investments
AWP Global Real Estate N/A 6.39%2/29/2020 7.93% 4.17% N/A 429 N/A
NRO Real Estate 6.58%2/29/2020 2.47% 3.09% N/A 166 N/A
RIT Real Estate Equity 9.98%2/29/2020 9.98% N/A N/A 500 N/A
RIF Real Estate 6.70%2/29/2020 0.90% 2.98% N/A 137 N/A


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