Mobile App Questions

  These tips will help in guiding you through some of the various features of the REITWeek Mobile App:

This can be done through the Apple App Store or by clicking here for smartphones other than the iPhone. You can also use this link to access the app through your PC. Make sure to sign in so your changes will be transferred from your PC to your smartphone.

Updating Data 
Once an hour, the app will automatically check for updates from the show organizers. This allows your show to keep you updated with the latest info. To force a data refresh at another time, click the refresh button on the upper right corner of the dashboard that has two circular arrows.

The setup for the app is located at the top of the dashboard by tapping the gear symbol. Setup allows you to pre-enter information so that you will not have to repeatedly provide passwords, answer questions, and set communication from the show staff on important messages.

Dashboard Schedule
Initially this does not show on the landing page until you create your schedule. Once you have created your schedule, the next item on your schedule will appear and continue to update as the show goes on.

Schedule Tab
Adding an appointment to the My Schedule page is easy. Tap the Plus sign (top right) and follow the prompts to add appointments. NOTE – Events can be scheduled thru the events tab with one touch. See Tip Events.

Maps Tab
NAREIT has provided hotel maps for your convenience. Map selection is broken down by halls, levels, and venues. When you go to a map it will render to show the full map. Use the multi touch capability to pinch and zoom in on the map to see the names of rooms.

Participating Company Tab
You have two categories. You can search by alphabetical or by category. The categories include industry sectors, stock exchanges, and sponsor tab. When you are in the full listing of All Participating Companies, you can pull down the top with your finger which will reveal a search bar. Searches may appear to "hang" for a second but they are dynamically producing your list from the search criteria. Remember: they will bring up everything to do with the search string you put in.

Company Detail Screen
Shows company information listed alphabetically. Each company is responsible for their own contact and have elected to enhance their listings. Sponsors all receive a basic listing with link to their websites.

Sponsors can be flagged as favorites by taping the star button next to their name or on their profile page. This will add them to the favorites list and highlight them for you. When you are at the main sponsor page, you can see your list of favorites by clicking the star on the top right of the page. If you plan to meet with a sponsor, you can add them to calendar by clicking on their listing and then clicking on the "+schedule" tab and scheduling a date a time to meet with them.

Handouts are located at the bottom of the company detail screen. If you do not see any handouts, they are not offered electronically through the App by that company.

Programs are listed by day and time. To scroll to the next day use the left/right arrow keys next to the date and day at the top of the screen.

Adding an Event to Your Schedule
Tap the star key next to the session or in the top right of the session profile and this will automatically add the event to your schedule. If you want to delete the event, tap the star button again to take this off your schedule. 

Rate the Session
Located toward the bottom on the event information.

You can view and post to the feed. Posting requires setup at the dashboard setup screen. See Tip Setup.

Technical Support
For technical support, please email



Conference Registration
Natalie Collier 
Member Services & Meetings Coordinator 

Conference Registration and Suite Issues
Beth Aiken
Manager, Member Services & Meetings

Housing Reservations
Amy Miller
NAREIT Housing, Staged Right Events

Luis Rimoli
NAREIT Housing, Staged Right Events

Programming & Speaking Opportunities
Abby McCarthy
VP, Investment Affairs & Investor Education

Individual Company Presentations
Abby McCarthy
VP, Investment Affairs & Investor Education

Chris Flood
VP, Business Development

Overall Convention Issues
Pam Coleman
VP, Meetings