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  • Nareit Developments blog

    NAREIT’s Case Responds to Coumarianos REIT Return Analysis

    Economist Brad Case says equity REIT returns have outpaced inflation on an historical basis.
  • Market Commentary Blog

    Comparing Real Estate Values in the Liquid and Illiquid Markets

    There’s a persistent, predictable relationship between the liquid and illiquid real estate markets: private-side real estate valuations respond more slowly to changes in market conditions than do public-side valuations, so the values in private, illiquid markets typically lag public market values by two to five quarters on average, depending on whether participants in private markets are evaluating market conditions by looking at completed transactions or at property appraisals.  Correcting for that lag can give you a pretty good sense of whether a public/private arbitrage opportunity has arisen.
  • Market Commentary Blog

    REITs and Interest Rates: Myths and Markets

    Here’s the myth: an increase in interest rates is bad for real estate investors.  Here’s the empirical fact: the historical evidence shows that real estate investors—at least those who invest through exchange-traded REITs—have usually done better during rising-rate environments than when interest rates were declining.
  • Nareit Video

    Office REIT Parkway Pursuing Sustainability Goals Post Spin-Off

    Parkway’s Daniele Horton says 100 percent of portfolio benchmarked to ENERGY STAR.
  • Nareit Video

    Hannon Armstrong Sustainability Specialist Says Economics Improving

    Hannon Armstrong’s Parker White points to quicker payback periods, better returns.
  • News Article

    Spirit Realty’s Greenstreet Helps Net Lease REIT “Hit the Reset Button”

    Senior executive Michelle Greenstreet has spearheaded Spirit Realty’s relocation to Dallas, bringing an infusion of new talent and ideas to the company.
  • Nareit Video

    BlackRock Incorporating ESG Risk into Valuation System

    BlackRock’s Sherry Rexroad says challenges created by multiple ESG data sources.