September/October 2017

EDR CEO Randy Chuchey
Making the Grade

EdR and its CEO Randy Churchey play a key role in remaking the student housing business.

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Tim Naughton
Taking Stock Built to Last
Matt Bechard
Editor's Desk Survey Says
Dominique Moerenhout
4 Quick Questions Dominique Moerenhout CEO, European Public Real Estate Association
REITs: Reshaping Communities Duke Realty’s Legacy and Chesapeake Commerce Centers
Capital Markets MIT’s Daron Acemoglu on Why Nations Fail
Fibra Mty
REIT Snapshot

Fibra Mty is setting high goals – both for itself and the industry.

Health care REITs
Sector Spotlight Health Care REITs Thrive as Americans Age
Names to note
Names to Note Names to Note
In Closing Canadian REITs in Transition