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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Banks Changing Private Equity Strategies
Post-recession measures forcing banks to restructure PE arms.
Trends Indicate Bullish CRE Outlook

CoStar's Chris Macke says investors view real estate as safe investment.

Credit Downgrade Likely to Affect REITs

Integra Realty Resources' Jeffrey Rogers advises REITs to be ready for cuts.

Developments in Financial Accounting Standards

NAREIT's George Yungmann discusses potential accounting reforms.

S&P Downgrade Ripples Through REITs
REITs recover from one-day plunge.
Calls for Energy Transparency Grow Louder
New report highlights regulations around the country and best practices.
Examining Federal Budget Cuts' Impact on CRE

Less federal spending puts pressure on private sector.

Analysis of July REIT Returns

NAREIT's Brad Case looks at factors driving REIT returns and what may lie ahead.

Energy-Efficient Buildings Raise Tenant Demand
Panelists agree going green attracts tenants' green.
Professor Discusses FIRPTA Research

UConn's Katherine Pancak researches foreign investment in REITs.


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