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Nearly 40 million Americans invest in REITs

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Fannie Mae Focuses Multifamily Efforts on Affordable Housing Market
Demand for affordable multifamily housing grows.
U.K. Adapting Well to Accounting Transition

E&Y's Matthew Williams says real estate companies have adjusted to IFRS.

Subordinated Lending on an Upswing

SL Green's Andy Levine says subordinated lending gaining strength among public REITs.

European REITs Embrace International Financial Reporting Standards

EPRA's Gareth Lewis says adoption of IFRS has shifted to best practices phase.

Vornado 'Walking the Walk' on Green Policies

Vornado's Sukanya Paciorek says the company takes comprehensive approach to sustainability.

REIT Funding Accommodates Private REITs

REIT Funding President Charles Harrison says funding levels approaching pre-recession levels.

Leader in the Light Working Forum Fosters Sense of Community Over Energy Issues

Peers encouraged to work together to solve sustainability issues.

Energy Star Exec Meets With REITs at Sustainability Forum

Michael Zatz says Leader in the Light program recognizes industry's energy usage role models.

Prior to IPO, REITs Must Make Long-Term Governance Plans

Venable's Jim Hanks says companies need to take protective steps early on.

REIT Tax Guidance Helpful but Challenges Remain

E&Y's Dianne Umberger says health care REITs facing transition issues.


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