Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc.

Notes/Supplemental Information: 

Series B Preferred Stock is a non-tradable security sold in bi-monthly closings, each closing has a separate CUSIP nmber and pays a monthly dividend.  The CUSIP #s for the Series B Preferred Stock are:

(CUSIP #'s 09627J805, 09627J870, 09627J862, 09627J854, 09627J847, 09627J839, 09627J821, 09627J813, 09627J797, 09627J789, 09627J771, 09627J763, 09627J755, 09627J730, 09627J722, 09627J714, 09627J698, 09627J680, 09627J672, 09627J664, 09627J649, 09627J631, 09627J623, 09627J615, 09627J599, 09627J581, 09627J573, 09627J565, 09627J557, 09627J540, 09627J532, 09627J524, 09627P207, 09627P306, 09627P405, 09627P504, 09627P603, 09627P702, 09627P801, 09627P884, 09627P876, 09627P868, 09627P850, 09627P843, 09627P835, 09627P827, 09627P819, 09627P793, 09627P785, 09627P777, 09627P769, 09627P751, 09627P744, 09627P736, 09627P728, 09627P710, 09627P694, 09627P686, 09627P678, 09627P660, 09627P652, 09627P645, 09627P637, 09627P629, 09627P611, 09627P595, 09627P587, 09627P579)

This spreadsheet and the accompanying instructions do not constitute, and should not be considered a substitute for, legal advice. The rules governing the proper tax characterization of distributions by REITs can be complex. Each REIT should consult its own tax advisor regarding the proper tax characterization and reporting of the REIT’s distributions.