Corporate Member Benefits

Nareit corporate members benefit from exclusive access to investors, increased visibility, national and state advocacy, industry-leading research, member-only events and savings.

Through Nareit’s corporate membership, REITs and publicly traded real estate companies benefit from:

As a Nareit member, your entire staff gains access to member-only education and publications, along with the ability to serve on committees and network with other REIT professionals.


Nareit corporate membership is a company membership that is only available to REITs and stock-exchange listed real estate operating companies (REOCs) based in the U.S. or in any country that has existing REIT legislation.

Everyone else, including those who work in private development companies, asset managers, private equity funds, banks, law firms, accounting firms, brokerages, and any other firm that is not a REIT or stock-exchange listed REOC must join as individual members. There is no limit to the number of individuals who can join from any one company.

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For more in-depth information on how Nareit can support your organization, contact Nareit Vice President, Membership & Meetings Katelyn Rowland and Nareit Vice President, Membership & Meetings Afia Boone at to ask questions or to obtain the corporate member application.