About the program

Nareit U.S. corporate members have access to best-in-class primary Directors & Officers Liability (“D&O”) insurance.

Through the program, Nareit U.S. corporate members have access to a talented team of individuals who specialize in analyzing and underwriting unique D&O exposures and claims trends impacting REITs.  

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. recently selected Arch Insurance Group, Inc. to continue as the endorsed Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance carrier for Nareit. Alliant, through its acquisition of Crystal & Company, has been a trusted advisor in providing unique insurance solutions to Nareit members for over 25 years, and Arch has been the endorsed D&O carrier since 2009. As market leaders in real estate investment trust management liability protection, these insurance partners offer product features and customer service at a level that sets the program apart from the competition.

Arch maintains a unique and dedicated underwriting team to the REIT industry that assists clients in navigating an evolving financial, legal, and regulatory environment. Through Alliant, Nareit corporate members are able to access the proprietary Arch-backed Directors, Officers, and Corporate Liability Insurance Policy, which provides industry-leading coverage and protection.

“For over 25 years, it has been our privilege to partner with Nareit and its membership to afford them access to an exclusive Directors & Officers Liability program, that has been designed and adapted over the years to protect REITs in the ways unique to that community,” said Brian Dunphy, senior vice president and managing director at Alliant Insurance Services. “We are pleased to continue the partnership with Arch and its dedicated REIT underwriting and claims team, through which we will collectively continue to provide industry leading terms and conditions and competitive pricing.”

Justin Psaki, executive vice president of executive assurance at Arch, said, “We are truly honored and excited to continue our partnership with both Alliant and Nareit on this program. We have demonstrated our commitment to the Nareit membership over the last decade to be trusted partners through various real estate cycles and provide tailored solutions to this important asset class. We are optimistic about the continued success and growth of the Nareit D&O program going forward.”

For more information, visit Alliant Insurance Services and Arch Insurance online.

(Contact: Alliant Vice President Tim Crowley at tim.crowley@alliant.com or Alliant Account Executive Steve Kelly at steve.kelly@alliant.com; or Arch Vice President Micah Ponto at MPonto@archinsurance.com or Arch Assistant Vice President Howard Sider at HSider@archinsurance.com)