Broadstone Real Estate, LLC on Jan. 9 announced the death of co-founder and senior advisor Norman Leenhouts. Leenhouts, who died at his home on Jan. 7, was 81.

In 2006, Leenhouts co-founded Broadstone Real Estate with his daughter, Amy Tait, and her husband, Bob Tait. He served as chief investment officer of Broadstone Real Estate and as an officer and director of the firm’s two private REITs, Broadstone Net Lease and Broadtree Residential, from their inception until 2015. After that, he was a senior advisor to Broadstone Real Estate.

“My father will best be remembered by his entrepreneurial spirit, humble generosity, kind heart and brilliant mind. It was an honor and remarkable experience for me to be able to work with him for over three decades,” said Amy Tait, who serves as chairman and CEO of Broadstone Real Estate.

Leenhouts and his twin brother, Nelson, founded real estate development company Home Leasing Corp. in 1967. The brothers went on to form and lead Home Properties as a public company in 1994. They operated as co-CEOs until 2003.

Leenhouts, who graduated from the University of Rochester, was a certified public accountant and licensed real estate broker. He is survived by his wife, Arlene; his daughters, Laurie Leenhouts and Amy Tait; his twin brother, Nelson Leenhouts; his sister, Martha Leenhouts; and four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.