Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney is the former editorial director for Nareit.

  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Survey Finds Executives Still Bullish on Real Estate Market

    John Sullivan
    DLA Piper’s John Sullivan says market still confident in investment from non-U.S. capital sources. 
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Green Street Analyst Says Single-Family Residential REITs Maturing

    John Pawlowski
    Size and quality of segment have “improved dramatically.”
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Camden CEO Details Houston Hurricane Recovery Effort

    Ric Campo
    Camden’s Ric Campo says damage from storms has led to surge in demand for apartments.
  • REIT Magazine

    Iron Mountain's Global Expansion

    Iron Mountain
    Business storage REIT Iron Mountain adapts to life in a high-tech world.
  • REIT Magazine

    MIT’s Daron Acemoglu on Why Nations Fail

    Acemoglu talked with REIT magazine about the origins of “Why Nations Fail”, the difficulties behind establishing a successful state and the inevitability—or lack thereof—of social decay.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Neuberger Berman Portfolio Manager: REITs Best Way to Build Global Real Estate Portfolio

    Gillian Tiltman
    REITs are “bricks and mortar with liquidity,” according to Neuberger Berman’s Tiltman.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Green Street Adviser Says Market Open to "Non-traditional" REIT IPOs

    Dirk Aulabaugh
    Dirk Aulabaugh of Green Street's Advisory Group says some mall REIT portfolios could become privatization targets.