Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney is the former editorial director for Nareit.

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    Real Estate Fund Manager Says Europe Undervalued

    Jay Leupp
    Lazard’s Jay Leupp also bullish on Hong Kong and China.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Former Host Hotels CEO Says Financial Crisis Posed Greatest Challenge of His Career

    Ed Walter
    Ed Walter reflects on the evolution of the lodging business and REITs and real estate.
  • REIT Magazine

    S&P’s Michael Wilkins on the Transparency of Green Investment

    Michael Wilkins
    REIT magazine spoke with Wilkins about the growing demand for green projects and how they’re being financed, as well as how S&P’s new service aims to help assess the environmental quality of these projects.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Apartment Living Now a Lifestyle Choice, According to Steadfast President

    Ella Shaw Neyland
    Ella Shaw Neyland of Steadfast Apartment REIT discusses trends in the multifamily real estate sector.
  • REIT Magazine

    REITs Reshaping Communities: Taubman Centers’ City Creek Center

    City Creek Center
    The decision in 2003 to plan a mixed-use redevelopment dubbed City Creek touched off a 10-year project that was embraced by residents and local officials.
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    Malls Are Here to Stay, Says Green Street Consultant

    Phil Owens
    Phil Owens of Green Street’s Advisory Group discusses long-term outlook in retail real estate.
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    PGIM Portfolio Manager Still Has an Eye on Interest Rates

    Rick Romano
    PGIM Real Estate’s Rick Romano says lower-than-expected rates remains a major story in the REIT market.