Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney

Allen Kenney is the former editorial director for Nareit.

  • REIT Magazine

    REITs Flourishing in Single-Family Home Rental Segment

    Single Family Rental Home
    Single-family rental REITs are solidifying their position in the residential housing sector.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    NAREIT CEO Previews REITWeek 2017

    Steve Wechsler
    Steve Wechsler says NAREIT’s Investor Forum showcases “breadth and depth” of the REIT industry.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Foreign Investors Still Keen on U.S. Real Estate

    Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz of RSM says foreign capital not deterred by rate hikes.
  • REIT Magazine

    Former Moody’s Analyst Merrie Frankel Opens REIT Consultancy

    Merrie Frankel
    For nearly two decades, Merrie Frankel has been a familiar face around the REIT industry as a REIT analyst with Moody’s Investors Service. She decided in the fall that she was ready for a change.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Longtime Analyst Predicts REITs Will Own Growing Share of Real Estate Market

    Steve Manaker
    Steve Manaker discusses the changes to the REIT industry in his career.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Watson Land Company’s New CEO on the Industrial REIT’s Future

    Jeffrey Jennison
    Newly appointed chief executive Jeffrey Jennison says the historic company will remain rooted in California.
  • The REIT Report Podcast

    Mortgage Delinquencies Lower Than Projected, Analyst Says

    Manus Clancy
    Trepp’s Manus Clancy analyzes the wall of maturities in the mortgage market.