Calvin Schnure

Calvin Schnure

Calvin Schnure is Nareit’s senior vice president, research & economic analysis. He analyzes developments in the macro economy and their impact on REITs and commercial property markets, and on financial returns to REITs.

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    REITs Report Solid Earnings Growth Through Q3 2018

    Funds from operations of all listed equity REITs was 11.1 percent higher than one year earlier, according to the Nareit T-Tracker®.
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    REITs Hit the ATM in the Second Quarter

    REITs have relied increasingly on a low-cost, flexible way of raising equity capital as they have expanded their issuance through At-the-market (ATM) programs.
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    Tracking Property Prices and REIT Total Return Beyond the Core Sectors

    New indices introduced by Green Street allow us for the first time to compare property price performance to total returns for property types outside of the traditional core REIT sectors.
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    Rising Homeownership, Apartment Demand, Single Family Home Rentals and REITs

    The recovery in housing markets has generated concerns among investors in apartment properties that a rebound in homeownership could undermine the demand for apartments. Nothing could be further from the truth!
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    Expansion and Growth of REIT Earnings

    Net operating income (NOI) of listed REITs rose nearly 50 percent over the past four years. The steady increases in same-store NOI at a pace above the inflation rate should continue to drive earnings, and valuations, upward in the future.
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    FFO of listed REITs rose 5.5 percent, to $16.4 billion, in Q2

    There are a multitude of signs that REIT performance will likely remain strong in the months ahead.
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    Low Cap Rates Are Flashing a Signal, but is it Yellow, Red… or Green?

    Are low cap rates flashing a signal that speculative pricing is setting the market up for a correction?