Poonkulali Thangavelu

Poonkulali Thangavelu

Poonkulali Thangavelu is a freelance writer and regular contributor to REIT magazine.

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    mREIT EARN Uses Data to Manage Interest Rate Risk

    EARN prides itself on using its data and analytics to manage interest rate risk, rather than attempting to take a direction on where rates are heading. 
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    Commercial mREITs Could Gain in Rising Interest Rate Environment

    "We are generally cautious on the agency REITs, and we are broadly positive about the commercial mREITs."
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    Hannon Armstrong Shows Growth in Going Green

    Hannon Armstrong provides financing to the sustainable infrastructure markets.
  • REIT Magazine

    Owens Realty Mortgage Looks to Post-Property Sale Future

    Owens Realty Mortgage is actively looking to increase liquidity for commercial lending activities through strategic disposition of real estate assets.
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    mREIT Jernigan Capital Takes A Focused Approach to Financing

    Jernigan Capital has a very specific focus: providing capital to the self-storage real estate sector.
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    Dynex Gets Defensive to Tackle Interest Rate Risk

    Dynex Capital
    The Mortgage REIT has taken a more defensive posture as the company looks to secure itself against potential volatility caused by Federal Reserve rate hikes and global policy shifts.
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    Monmouth, UMH Ready for Another 50 Years

    Eugene Landy and his sons have taken a patient approach to building up the two companies.