Victoria Rostow

Victoria Rostow
  • Nareit Developments blog

    Nareit mREIT Council Comments on Federal Home Loan Bank Membership

    mREITs can demonstrate mission alignment and contribute to the FHLB’s ability to fund housing and community development.
  • Nareit Developments blog

    OCC Urges Banks to Support mREITs and Other Non-bank Lenders

    Responding to a letter co-authored by Nareit, OCC affirms that prior flexibility guidance applies to mREITs.
  • Nareit Developments blog

    Nareit Joins Coalition Request Seeking Clear Communication between Banks and Borrowers

    11 trade groups asked bank regulators to encourage banks to work constructively with all borrowers affected by COVID-19.
  • Nareit Developments blog

    Joint Trades Request for Additional Support of Commercial Mortgage Markets

    Nareit Urges that TALF be expanded to include more investment grade commercial real estate debt instruments.
  • Nareit Developments blog

    SEC Streamlines Financial Disclosure Requirements Applicable to Registered Debt Offerings

    Nareit comment cited 24 times.
  • News Article

    SEC Chairman Signals Possible Rule Changes for Proxy Advisors and Shareholder Proposals

    In a recent speech, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton commented on the Commission’s recent Roundtable on the Proxy Process.
  • Nareit Developments blog

    NY Appeals Court Affirms Nareit’s Position Supporting the Terms of a Partnership Agreement

    The New York Court of Appeals affirmed the principle that a written partnership agreement is not “at will” and may not be unilaterally dissolved by a minority partner.