03/19/2020 | by

Nareit surveyed its membership about operational changes and preparations related to COVID-19 (the coronavirus). Nareit prepared this short survey to help its members operate during the pandemic and benchmark themselves against other Nareit corporate members.

Thirty-seven REITs (representing most property sectors and more than $220 billion in equity market cap) responded to the survey between March 16 and March 17. The results are available here.

According to the survey, more than 90% of respondents have either changed or plan to change their travel policies, more than 90% have changed or plan to change their conference attendance policies, over half are taking action to ensure business continuity, and all the respondents are either encouraging employees not required to be on-site to work from home or requiring work from home.

(Contact: Nicole Funari at nfunari@nareit.com)

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