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Service Day
Brixmor employees participating in community service events for the Company’s annual Day of Service. Photo courtesy of Brixmor Property Group, Inc.

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Dedicating Time for Service and Cultivating Team Member and Community Relationships

To support and build trust with the communities it serves, Brixmor Property Group encourages and celebrates employee volunteerism by dedicating a company-wide Day of Service and awarding its people for extraordinary contributions.

Service Day

In response to the pandemic, Brixmor initiated its first company-wide Day of Service in 2020. On the day of the now annual event, Brixmor closes its offices, encouraging employees to donate their time to a community cause that is important to them. Examples of these employee efforts from 2020 and 2021 service activities include: toiletry collection for a domestic abuse relief center for women and children; food drives, which resulted in over 25,000 donated meals that benefited more than 25 different organizations; and beautification projects at local fire stations, parks, and beaches. In addition to the Day of Service, employees are encouraged to use two additional days for volunteering at local organizations of their choice, anytime throughout the year. Together, these opportunities contribute to Brixmor’s goal of increasing its employees’ community volunteer participation to 100% by 2025.

To further promote volunteerism, Brixmor recognizes employees who demonstrate outstanding, community-oriented contributions at Brixmor properties. Awards are presented quarterly to employees who go the extra mile to support tenants and residents, solve a business need or challenge in a unique way, or provide exemplary assistance with expertise and compassion. For example, one of Brixmor’s construction project managers was recognized in 2021 for identifying and acting on an opportunity to repurpose items left behind by a previous tenant. Partnering with a local chapter of Habitat for Humanity, this project manager collected 6,000 pounds of furniture, fixtures, and consumer goods that were later donated, upcycled, or sold to help fund Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build or improve homes for families in need.

“We’ve experienced stronger relationships with each other by working side-by-side on community projects. We’ve discovered shared interests and devotion to causes, such as knitting or animal welfare, and we’ve even met our teammates’ families when they join our volunteer projects. As residents of the communities around our centers, we see the impact of our professional and volunteer efforts.”
-Carolyn Carter Singh, EVP & Chief Talent Officer, Brixmor Property Group, Inc.

By enabling and promoting such efforts through dedicated volunteer days, awards, and recognition, Brixmor strives to cultivate a culture where its team feels empowered to take initiative and make positive impacts.

Brixmor recognizes the value that caring for its communities provides—allowing employees the space to support causes they are passionate about, while also building a sense of trust with the communities they serve. Brixmor intends to continue this work, as well as evolve its community engagement strategy, by heightening its focus on the areas that matter most to its employees and its communities.

Brixmor owns and operates a high-quality, national portfolio of nearly 400 open-air shopping centers that reflect its vision “to be the center of the communities it serves” and are home to a diverse mix of thriving national, regional, and local retailers.

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