NAREIT’s Brad Case, senior vice president for research and industry information, and Calvin Schnure, senior vice president for research and economic analysis, gave presentations in the Washington, D.C., area this month on REIT investment and the real estate sector.

Case hosted meetings of Washington-area Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Institute and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) to discuss the current state and future prospects of the real estate market and real estate investments. Case is a member of the steering committee of the Washington chapter of the CAIA.

The discussions encompassed:

  • Current valuations of publicly traded Equity REITs and illiquid real estate holdings;
  • The mortgage market, including Mortgage REITs and mortgage availability;
  • Nationwide real estate industry fundamentals, including construction activity, occupancy rates, rent growth, net operating income and funds from operations; and
  • Interest rate developments and capital market conditions.

NAREIT plans to facilitate such discussions with CAIA and CFA members each quarter.

Meanwhile, Case and Schnure gave a guest lecture on REITs to a class at Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School. Topics included the history and structure of the REIT industry, REITs’ performance in diversified investment portfolios, and the outlook for REITs and real estate.

(Contact: Brad Case at bcase@nareit.com and Calvin Schnure at cschnure@nareit.com)

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