09/11/2023 | by

EPRA, the European Public Real Estate Association, has published the 2023 edition of the EPRA Global REIT Survey, a comparison of major REIT regimes around the world that captures data from 44 countries, representing 954 companies. Nareit contributed the U.S. portion of the survey.

EPRA CEO Dominique Moerenhout noted that during 2023 the REIT sector has showcased its resilience and strong operational performance, successfully navigating through turbulent times in the capital markets.

“As global markets adapt to changing economic conditions and regulatory frameworks, the resilience and adaptability of REITs have shone through, making them an increasingly attractive option for both seasoned investors and newcomers seeking opportunities in the real estate sector,” Moerenhout said.

This year, the survey also incorporates a new summary table for European REIT regimes, which can be found in an annex to the Global REIT Survey.

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